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At Frontline we offer you a comprehensive and professional service so you don't have to worry about anything.

We take care of the entire process of buying and selling your home, guaranteeing a legal, fiscal, juridical and financial service, without forgetting, of course, our after-sales service.

service after-sales

At Frontline we want your purchasing or rental experience to be perfect, which is why we offer you a complete and personalized after-sales service. We take care of all the details so that you only have to enjoy your new home.

Before entering the home

We help you furnish and equip your home with the style and quality you want. For this, we offer you:

  • The advice of a professional interior designer who will show you different options and styles to decorate your home.
  • A wide variety of furniture packages, from the cheapest to the most exclusive and luxurious, so you can choose the one you like the most.
  • A wide range of appliances, from the most conventional to the highest quality, so that your kitchen and bathroom are functional and comfortable.
  • A free delivery and installation service for furniture, appliances and air conditioning units, which we will recommend according to your needs.

After taking possession of the home

We accompany you after handing over the keys, with an after-sales service that includes:

  • The installation of all local services, such as satellite TV, telephone, internet connection, etc. We take care of all the procedures so you don't have to worry about a thing.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, security and any other need you may have in your home. We have a team of professionals who will assist you in your language and resolve any incident that may arise.
  • A 24-hour customer service, that will assist you at any time and situation.

services legal and financial

Our goal is to guarantee you a simple, direct and stress-free process, thus offering you an effective and trustworthy service. We want to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and relaxed with their new property in Spain.

Before purchase or rental

We help you prepare everything necessary to formalize the operation with complete security and peace of mind. For this, we offer you:

  • The investigation of the home: we ensure that all documents related to the home are in accordance with Spanish legislation, thus paying special attention to legal construction permits, charges or possible irregularities.
  • The N.I.E. (Foreign Identification Number):Obtaining this document is essential both to buy and rent a home in Spain. We will help you with the entire process.
  • Financial services: we will help you both with opening bank accounts and obtaining mortgages (if you need them) to finance your home in Spain. We will advise you on the best conditions and options available.
  • Electricity and water contracts: Before handing over the keys, we will take care of contracting these basic services on your behalf, so that you can enjoy them from day one.

During delivery

We accompany you during the signing before a notary, where the sale or rental is formalized. For this, we offer you:

  • Legal representation: our lawyer will sign on your behalf (through powers of attorney) the relevant property titles, checking that everything is in order and as agreed.
  • The translation: we have a native translator who will help and assist you in your language throughout the entire process, explaining all the details and resolving all your doubts.

After delivery

We continue to advise you after the signature before a notary, with a complete legal and tax service. For this, we offer you:

  • The registry: we will take care of registering your property in the corresponding Property Registry and settling the taxes derived from the operation. Once all these documents are registered, we will send them to you.
  • Home insurance: We will hire you home insurance appropriate to your needs, with extensive coverage and a competitive price. In addition, you will have a 24-hour assistance service that will assist you in your language.
  • Wills: our lawyer will advise you and provide you with a service in relation to the matter for their drafting and reading before a notary. This way, you can protect your assets and avoid legal problems in the future.
  • Taxes: We will inform you about your tax obligations as a resident or non-resident in Spain, and will help you comply with them. They will advise you on how to optimize your tax burden and avoid penalties or surcharges.
  • Residence: We will help you obtain the residence card and carry out all the necessary procedures for this.